How it Works




Features & Benefits


► Easy “no tools” assembly


► Flex the entire display to create the

    shape you need


► Enlarge or reduce to suit the event


► Mini 209 cm / 82.3", Midi 229 cm /

     90.2" or Maxi 249 cm / 98" height.


► All graphic panels are 800 mm /

    31.5" wide





► ideal to use with rollable graphic



► i-line graphic alignment system for

     perfect alignment if floor is not even


► Build in LCD screens


► Easily attach tables and shelves


► Extremely compact during transport



ISOframe Wave – how it works


ISOframe Wave is the first fully flexible banner stand. To achieve this flexibility a patented Flexi-wave link connects each vertical post in the system. The Flexi-wave link is a strong aluminum structure that can flex up to 180 degrees each way in the horizontal position but offers no flex in any other direction. This means each graphic can be flexed up to 180 degrees in any direction yet the structure remains unbelievably strong and stable. Beautiful curves or perfect straight lines can be achieved with any display. Just add 800 mm / 31.5" extender units to the original 800 mm / 31.5" wide starter unit section for larger displays.


Because Wave is based on our ISOframe concept it also incorporates our patented FASTclamp connector. This is used to attach the base supports and additional beams to the system instantly, without tools – no more struggling with the nuts and bolts used on other systems. Additional beams can also be attached for shelving, table attachments or TFT/LCD screens. ISOframe Wave uses an all-metal construction – no plastic parts to break. In fact we are so confident about Wave’s durability we offer a 10 years warranty.

Quick and easy to set up

Alternative layouts using the same graphics and framework

Keyboard Table


Height: 910 mm / 34.65"


Width: 800 mm / 31.5"


Depth: 210 mm / 8.3"


Item:  IS-80-TA03-N

LCD holder


Available in two sizes


VESA 75/100

Item: IS-80-TM02



VESA 400x200

Item: IS-80-TM03

Square Table


Height: 910 mm / 34.65"


Width: 800 mm / 31.5"


Depth: 500 mm / 19.7"


Item:  IS-80-TA01-N

LED spotlight  240 lumen


12V / 18W, incl transformer

 Low weight: 270 gram / 10 oz.



Semi-circular Table


Height: 910 mm / 34.65"


Width: 800 mm / 31.5"


Depth: 400 mm / 15.75"


Item:  IS-80-TA02-N

Transport case on wheels


Holds 1 starter kit

 and 5 extension kit


Item: IS-TC-01-MB

90º corner Table


Height: 910 mm / 34.65"


Width: 800 mm / 28.35"


Depth: 500 mm / 12.2"


Item:  IS-80-TA04-N

Small Graphic tube


Holds 6 panels


Item:  IS-0850-RTS-S-MB

Door with lock


Height: 910 mm / 34.65"


Width: 720 mm / 28.35"


Straight door

 Item: IS-DOOR-S


Outside curved door 30º

 Item: IS-DOOR-30



Large Graphic tube


Holds 9 panels


Item:  IS-0850-RTB-S-MB



All-in one case/counter


Holds 6 secton Wave system,

 incl. graphic panels, 4 spotligts and counter top shelf.


Item: IS-5053

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