SnapUp Elegance




SnapUP Elegance

The next evolution in pop-up systems


Use it with curved ends like a traditional pop-up system, or choose flat ends with decorative corner trims similar to ISOframe, giving the system a more contemporary "non-pop-up" look.


Our top-of-the line Elegance display is self-locking and cross braced, which means that the graphics will always hang perfectly, despite the frequent challenge of uneven floors. This construction also makes the system extremely strong and stable and enables the suspension of heavy media screens, as well as table attachments.

  • Specifications

    Curved 1x3

    820 x 2255 x 200 mm

    Item 82564


    Curved 2x3

    1700 x 2255 x 400 mm

    67 x 89 x 16"

    Item 82565


    Curved 3x3

    2300 x 2255 x 600 mm

    91 x 89 x 24"

    Item 82566


    Curved 4x3

    2875 x 2255 x 800 mm

    113 x 89 x 33"

    Item 82567

    Straight 2x3

    1820 x 2255 x 185 mm

    71 x 89 x 8"

    Item 82561



    Straight 3x3

    2560 x 2255 x 185 mm

    102 x 89 x 8"

    Item 82562

  • Accessories


    Semi-circular table for curved systems

    Grey table top in wood.

    Item 82580



    Media screen holder

    VESA 75/100 Max. weight 8 kg (17.6 lbs)

    Item 82579





    iPad holder

    VESA 75/100 Max. weight 8 kg (17.6 lbs)

    Item 80027




    LED spotlight

    240 lumen, with easy fit connector to the system.

    12V / 18 W, incl. transformer. The spotlights are delivered as a pair in our padded shock-proof spotlight bag. Extra low weight 270 gram (0.6 lbs) /spotlight. Grey colour.

    Item 80021


    Multi-Compartment Case The case has three well-protected compartments: One for the structure, one for the graphic panels and one (the lid) for two spotlights. The lid may also be used as a step when assembling the spotlights on the system.

    Multi-Compartment Case - Item 5040

    Wooden top - Item 5216




    Budget Hard Case Save money and choose our budget case solution. Our most compact and light-weight case.

    Budget Case - Item 5039

    Wooden top - Item 5222




    Padded carrying bags Soft padded bags with shoulder strap for transportation of structure and graphic panels.

    For graphic panels - Item 5046

    For the structure - Item 5045

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