SnapUp Mini Case/Counters

A SnapUp case which can be easily converted into an attractive and functional counter unit. Add wrap-around graphics and a table top.


The case has room for:


•SnapUp structure incl. magbars

•Graphic panels

•Two spotlights

•Wooden table top

  • Specifications

    Mini Counter

    Item. no 82038

    Size: 27 (w) x 11.5 (d) x 41” (h)


    Midi Counter

    Item. no 82238

    Size: 49 (w) x 18 (d) x 35.5” (h)

  • Accessories

    Fabric Wrap (counter)

    Item. no 9840


    Fabric Wrap (desk)

    Item. no 9841


    Luxus Case(counter)

    Item. no 5080


    Luxus Case(desk)

    Item. no 5081


    Magnetic Tape - 1"x 98ft.

    Item# 82282



  • Assembly/Printing Templates