SnapUP Stretch

A display wall in less than a minute!


The SnapUp Stretch offers the quickest and easiest way to set up and display a seamless large format graphic print. Ideal to use at short-term events and exhibitions, when time is a decisive factor.

The graphic image is printed on a stretch fabric material and then attached to the system with velcro tape. In erecting the system, the fabric is automatically stretched out and a smooth surface is achieved.

  • Specifications

    Stretch 2x3

    1525 x 2260 x 300 mm/60 x 89 x 11.8"

    Item 82226


    Stretch 3x3

    2260 x 2260 x 300 mm/89 x 89 x 11.8"

    Item 82227


    Stretch 4x3

    3000 x 2260 x 300 mm/118 x 89 x 11.8""

    Item 82228

  • Accessories

    LED spotlight

    240 lumen, with easy fit connector to the system.

    12V / 18 W, incl. transformer. The spotlights are delivered as a pair in our padded shock-proof spotlight bag. Extra low weight 270 gram (0.6 lbs) /spotlight. Grey colour.

    Item 80021



    Budget Hard Case

    Save money and choose our budget case solution. Our most compact and light-weight case.

    Budget Case - Item 5039

    Wooden top - Item 5222




    Padded carrying bags

    Soft padded bags with shoulder strap for transportation of structure and graphic panels.

    Item 5058

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